5 Key Points To Twitter

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5 Key Points To Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places to start your Social Media journey so here are Nova’s 5 key points to Twitter:

1)   Genuine Followers

Perhaps the most important element to Twitter success are the accounts that you attract as ‘followers’.  To make sure that accounts who are relevant and interesting follow you, your account must do two things.  Firstly, it needs to post content that others will want to read about.  If you are posting regular updates on industry news and asking genuine questions then active accounts on Twitter will want to follow you.  Secondly, you need to go out and find those accounts and follow them.  Interact with them, answer questions that they post.  Here’s a little trick if you’re asking yourself whether they are genuinely active on Twitter have a look at when they last post.  If it’s not in the last 48 hours chances are not the kind of account you want clogging up your ‘following’ list.

2)   Replies

The whole point of Twitter is to be social and so would suggest that politeness will go a long way in being noticed and respected.   If an account re-tweets one of your tweets you should thank them for taking a notice and reading what you have to say.  Again if someone asks you a question you should respond as quickly as possible not only to show efficenicy but genuine interest.  If you cannot respond for a while then apologise for the hold up, show that you care about what your followers have to say.  Replies should convey your company, witty or friendly it will help to build on your image.

3)   Re-tweets

In order to engage with your followers and gain new ones, you need to retweet their content as well as share your own. It also builds your profile up, and provides new content for your followers to read. You should retweet content relevant to your niche market. Retweet posts from your target audience, and if relevant, comment on the posts too. You can search hashtags to find certain topics, but make sure the posts are not older than one day.

4)   Lists


Twitter is a fast-paced world and to gain ‘followers’ you yourself have to follow hundreds if not thousands of accounts.  All of these accounts have something interesting to say but their tweets can get lost amongst the chaos that is the Twitter Universe.  One way to make sure you keep up to date with your favoured accounts is to organize them into ‘Lists’.  By selecting the drop down option and adding the account to a list that you have created


You can create ones as you go or create lists prior through selecting the ‘List’ option on the side of your home page, this is also where you would go to view your ‘Lists’ and read the tweets that they have sent.

view lists

You can tailor lists to certain industries and interests allowing you to quickly source the accounts you favour.  If you do not want the accounts to know that you have added them to a list you can choose the privacy option.

5)   Content

When it comes to any social media platform content is king, and this is especially the case with Twitter.  No one wants to read the same tweet about the sale that you have on or the special services that you provide.  Followers will get bored and quick.  You should post articles and news relevant to your industry.  Pictures should be used especially those that will make other people want to share.  That is not to say that you cannot push your company’s services and deals just remember to use the correct # to determine what kind of tweet it is #news & #offer/#business respectively.

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