5 Shows To Binge On This Halloween

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5 Shows To Binge On This Halloween

It’s that time of year, October, the month spent building up towards Halloween. Weeks of pumpkins and planning that perfect costume are in full swing. In honour of the month of frights and gore and the return of two the scariest programmes of all time (see below), this week Nova’s blog post is going to be slightly different. Today I (Helena) present to you the 5 scariest shows that are perfect for binging on this Halloween. Before I begin however, there are a few things you should know:

  1. I get scared easily.  This does not mean I shy away from horror rather it means I spend a large proportion of time hiding behind a cushion or running from the room.  
  2. I am a TV addict.  All spare moments that I manage to find are spent watching TV.
  3. I watch all of the below near a working light that can be switched on and off with ease and a pillow within reach.

The 5 shows below are utterly terrifying in my humble opinion and I have ranked them according to how many times I have had to look away from the screen to avoid a nightmare filled sleep.

1. American Horror Story (AHS)

Truthfully this is the programme that actually inspired this whole blog post for Halloween. It returned to our screens at the beginning of October and is legitimately the most terrifying series that you can tune in to and watch at your leisure. It’s whole raison d’être you see is to scare people. It’s as absurd as it is scary in it’s story lines. It’s the TV version of a House of Horrors. With each season there’s a different reality with no constant set of characters that you get to know. People watch this with one goal in mind: to be traumatised with horror.

If you watch AHS and that’s not your reason for watching please let me know why because honestly: What. Is. Wrong. With. You?

First 2 seasons are on Netflix, so go, be terrified and keep that light on.

2. The Walking Dead (TWD)


The Walking Dead is a firm office favourite. It inspires constant discussion in the office on how best to survive a zombie apocalypse to a point where some of us argue that we would fare better in such a lawless dangerous world. This however, is a complete lie. None of us would survive the atrocities that regularly occur in TWD universe. If you are a fan of the show then you know just how far these survivors have been pushed to adapt and the lengths they are willing to go to try and protect the little they have (Ripping a man’s throat our with your teeth anyone?!).

If you haven’t watched this programme: What. Is. Wrong. With. You?

Check out the trailer for the first season (it really is worth watching from the beginning) and the first 3 seasons are on Sky Go and Virgin Media OnDemand. If you live in the USA lucky you it’s on Netflix.

Oh and they’ve ordered a new season.


3. Whitechapel

I feel bad because as a Brit there should be more British offerings on this list but I am rather dedicated to American TV.  Whitechapel stands up against the many offerings from across the pond and holds it’s own easily. It is hand on heart one of the creepiest TV programmes to date.  All three seasons are murky, dark and dank creating an intense fearful atmosphere all juxtaposed beautifully with the horror of newbie DI and the flippant realism of the homicide team that have witnessed all types of horror.

Warning the morgue scenes are not for the faint of heart.  And if you make it to season 4 good luck.

First 3 seasons are waiting for you on Netflix. There is a season 4 but that’s the last one, WHY ITV?!


4. Hannibal

Hannibal is just down right creepy. But you already know that because it’s a show about a man who gets away with murdering and then eating his victims. But he’s not selfish. Oh no, he also extends this courtesy to his dinner guests who happily oblige thinking that the sausage on their plate is a special variety of Bavarian meat. What is truly terrifying however, is Hannibal’s psychological manipulation and torture of the ‘hero’ Will Graham who, against his wishes, has been dragged back into the world of homicide detective work. The serving of human flesh is forgettable compared to the destruction of this man. To ensure that it fulfils it’s quota of terror the show does make sure to re-enact savage murders in extreme detail.

If that’s not enough there are some genuine jump out of your seats moments. But I guarantee that’s not what is going to keep you up at night.

Hannibal is available on all catch up services.

5. The Strain


The Strain is the Vampire version of a Zombie apocalypse that takes you on a journey from the first outbreak to full out hordes infesting the sewers and the dark streets of New York. It’s not on the level of The Walking Dead but it does have some moments of ‘look away now or be scarred for life.’ These Vampires are not the glamorous sparkling chiselled seductive Vampires of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries or even Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Sidenote: Scary Programme and still the best show ever aired on TV #neverforget). No these are the Vampires of nightmares who suck blood using an extended tentacle like pincer that if it just grazes you means you had better start planning your funeral.

If you’re looking for an easy scare then this is the programme for you. Season 1 has just aired in the UK on FX and can be found on all catch up services.

Special Shoutout: Doctor Who

When compared with the above Doctor Who is child’s play but there are some downright scary moments that cause you to start reaching for that cushion. I mean who survived this:

Without a heart attack?

What do you think? Do you agree with my selection? Is there a programme that I’m missing out on?! Let me know @HWalshNDM

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