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In such a mobile driven internet age, what's a better way to encourage engagement, obtain customer loyalty or just add a little fun than with an interactive easy to use App?

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In the mobile device driven age we live in an App is the perfect way to sell products or services.  It encourages rather than discourages as usability is both easier, and for marketeers, more focused.  It's also a lot more fun!

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Sell via apps

Using an intuitive interface from your smart device makes navigating to a sale even easier with an app, use micro payments and in app purchases to also sell via apps

Augmented Reality

Use inherent smartphone features such as HD screens, cameras and accelerometers to create mind blowing “wow factor” print with Augmented Reality from Nova AR

Micro Marketing

Create a community or captive audience and then push micro marketing campaigns to them to test things or just achieve more from you efforts.

Customer Loyalty

Use Nova Apps to increase customer loyalty by creating an app that keeps customers coming back, gives you a way to get involved with your audience too.

Fun = Money

Give your customers something back while also creating additional revenue with brand driven environments using game like features and fun.

Nova Appsite

Conveniently push your most important content right to the hands of your audience by building a Nova Appsite (like a website but within an app)

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