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Mobilegeddon – 1 Month Later

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It’s been almost two years since we posted about responsive sites and the importance of making sure your online presence is mobile ready. We remember because the publication of such a post resulted in a rather healthy debate on Twitter with some advocating that it’s really not that important.

Well we hate to say we told you so but . . . we told you so.

A month ago Google put in place a new algorithm that focuses on the mobility of your website. That is, if your website does not have the capacity to adapt to mobile or tablet screens you will find you Google ranking (SEO) affected.

Some sources are saying that this could be as bad as your search ranking being cut in half in one fail swoop. We’re only a month in and businesses are watching their SEO rankings closely and so far they’ve seen a drop but nothing that has people panicking. . . Yet.

The good news is that it will be over the coming year that we will begin to see it’s true impact so there is still time to make sure your website is ready for what is being dubbed ‘mobilegeddon.’

How To Check If Your Website Is Ready

This is quite a simple step but one that many haven’t yet completed. Take a mobile phone, open up your browser and enter your websites address.


• You have to zoom in to navigate
• The images are tiny and undefined
• You find it difficult to select categories or fill in forms

Then your website is not ready for Mobilegeddon and you will find your SEO severely affected, dropping page ranking radically.

What To Do If Your Website Isn’t Ready

If your website isn’t ready for the oncoming SEO apocalypse it may be time to have a look at your website in a new way and maybe even giving it a little spring cleaning.

To make your online presence mobile friendly your website will have to be looked at from the back end. We can help advise you on all elements of making your website fit for any mobile or tablet screen.

Once you have a streamlined adaptable website you have to make sure that it is present on social media. The current Google algorithm focuses on your social presence. On how many ‘likes’ your FB page is and how many +1s you have on Google+ so you have to make sure you have a presence on both of these platforms and that you are driving traffic back to your website.

If you want to speak to someone about getting started on Social Media ask our resident Social Media Guru Helena

So are you ready for Mobilegeddon?! If not don’t let your website suffer! Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to help!

And The Winner Is. . .

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For the past month we have helped Graft run their first social media competition. With over 3,500 entrants vying to win an iPad Mini we can now announce that the lucky winner is:


Gill Knowles


Congratulations Gill!

You can see the selection process here with Graft’s Olando Salina and SEO man/independent selector Conor Lyons making the pick.

If you could please contact one of our team to claim your prize we’ll make sure it’s on its way to you in no time!

E-mail: and she’ll help organise delivery.

On behalf of Graft thank you again to everyone who entered!

The competition is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Twitter and you can see T&Cs here.

See How We Chose The Winner

Nova Sponsors Barking & Dagenham Chamber Of Commerce Awards 2015

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The Nova Agency is proud to be sponsoring the Young Entrepreneur Award at the Barking and Dagenham Chamber of Commerce (BDCC) Business Awards 2015. At what will certainly be a fantastic evening, businesses from around Essex will gather to celebrate the best and brightest that the South East has to offer.

The Young Entrepreneur Award

This category is open to a young innovative business mind (under the age of 30) who has demonstrated vision and creativity in their work. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

The judges will want to know:

• Your vision for the business
• How you have achieved your objectives, and overcome obstacles
• Your plan for the coming year

This is an excellent opportunity to gain the recognition you deserve. Apply or register your interest here!


The BDCC Business Awards will be held at the impressive function room at Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club. The perfect venue to celebrate such an event the function room will help to all to celebrate the Awards in style.

Dates For Your Diary

Entries are open and applicants can apply here.

Entry form closes at 5pm on the 7th of June.

Successful applicants will then be told and provided with free tickets to the event on July 16th! Get your finest wear ready!

How To Apply

So are you a bright young individual making strides in your industry? Or do you know someone who shines at the work that they do? If so get involved and sign up today!

Weekly Round Up

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This Week In The News

Apple Gets Pranked & It’s Pretty Glorious

We wonder if Microsoft had anything to do with these pranksters?

Instagram Introduce An Excellent New App – Layout


Instagram noticed that their users love to combine many photos into one post so to help them out Instagram has rolled out a new App called Layout. It allows users to easily combine multiple pictures into one and then post onto Instagram in one swift motion.

Developers Aren’t Happy With Facebook’s WhatsApp Announcement

Facebook WhatsApp

Developers want to get their hands on WhatsApp but Mark Zuckerberg simply will not let that happen. He believes that allowing third parties access might “inundate users with messages they don’t want.” Sounds pretty reasonable to us given what it’s done to Facebook. . .

UK MPs Being Forced Into The 21st Century


Every single one of those 650 hard working MPs of ours will be gifted with brand new Ipad Air 2s after the Election. Bet they want to win their seats even more now.

Tips & Training

Not Too Late To Book In & Find Out Why Our Helena Walsh Loves Social Media

Next Tuesday morning Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Women In Business Breakfast Briefing and our very own Social Media expert Helena Walsh will be there to talk about the many benefits of Social Media to business. It’s not too late to book in, you can either ring Mary Clements on 02085916966 or register your interest here.

5 Executive Tips To Speed Up Your G-mail

Spending too much time going through your E-mails? Check out these 5 great tips & cut time wasting significantly!

Favourite Youtube Video Of The Week

Sassy dog does not like being left alone in the car.

Weekly Round Up

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This Week In The News

The World Bullied The Bully #NataliaKills

Now in the safety of another country it looks like she won’t be apologising any time soon.

Update: Louis Walsh has a few stern words and Natalia Kills has changed her tune.

Dyson Could Be The Answer To All Our Prayers

Iphone 5 charging

Dyson is investing $10 million in trying to double mobile phone battery life. Prayer circles form now.

The Death Knell Rings For Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer RIP

Google Looking To Penalise ‘Doorway Pages


Nova’s John Palmer isn’t that impressed with the whole thing. . . he breaks it down here

Game Of Thrones Social Media Team Has A Mean Streak Cersei Lannister Would Be Proud Of

Game of Thrones News

In other news 24 days until the premiere!

The Apple Watch May Be Facing A Dangerous Rival Soon – Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer, Google & Intel

Tag Heuer, Google & Intel join forces to create a new Android watch to rival the Apple Watch.

Total Eclipse 2015 – A Tale Of Two Moons

For some it was a momentous once in a lifetime experience. The perfect fodder for Instagram and Twitter.

Solar Eclipse Northumberland
Pretty impressive Northampton. Pretty impressive.

For others it was the Google Glass of Eclipses. Have no fear the British public rallied around their own #anticlimax trend. Damn you Toxic Smog!

Norwich Eclipse not such a ‘tell my grandkids’ moment.

Tips & Training

11 Things You Should Stop Doing On Social Media – By Mellissa Culbertson

Ladies Book In To Hear Nova’s Helena Walsh Talk About Social Media

BDCC Event

Helena will be speaking about the exciting benefits that Social Media has for business at the next BDCC Women’s Breakfast meeting. To book e-mail, complete this form or ring on 02085916966.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Top 5 Irish Inventions

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In honour of St Patrick’s Day we thought someone should celebrate a few of Ireland’s top contributions to society. Thanks Ireland!

1. Chocolate Milk

Sir Hans Sloane

Yes we have the Emerald Isle to thank for this most delicious of drinks. Sir Hans Sloane discovered locals mixing cocoa with water in Jamaica, decided this was vile and so mixed it with milk. I for one will be forever thankful for this invention.

Sir Sloane also left his collection of artefacts to the nation establishing the foundation of the British Museum. Also impressive but we’re focusing on the chocolate milk.

2. Modern Chemistry

Modern Chemistry

Sir Robert Boyle from County Waterford is recognised as one of the founders of modern chemistry with his book The Sceptical Chymist. He is also well known for Boyle’s Law which has something to do with Gas. . .

3. The Modern Tank

The Modern Tank

The invention that changed warfare forever, the modern tank, was co-invented by Major Walter Gordon Wilson from Dublin after Sir Winston Churchill issued an all points bulletin for it’s creation.

4. Colour Photography

Colour Photography

Creating colour photographs required the help of Irish born John Joly inventing something now called the Joly Colour Process. Imagine a life where the vibrant green of your kale salad couldn’t be seen on instagram? It just doesn’t bare thinking about.

5. Whiskey


Guiness may be Ireland’s most famous contribution to alcohol but did you know that the first written reference to Whiskey is from Ireland as far back as 1405. It references a Chieftain who dies from drinking too much at Christmas.

Do you know of any other Irish inventions?

1 Facebook Security Tip Everyone Should Do Now

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First Things First: The Information You Share With Your Friends Is Not Restricted To Their Eyes Only

Recently there has been much talk over FB and privacy rights. You may have even taken part in sharing the ‘better safe than sorry’ status that was doing the rounds recently. In more recent news the hacking of the USA’s Central Command’s Twitter and Youtube account has made Social Media security a hot topic.

Unfortunately through signing up with Facebook anything that you make public can be used by 3rd parties. It’s in the sign up fine print and it has always been the same way. That does not mean however, that you should instantly panic and immediately boycott Facebook. Take a read of this article to gain a better understanding of the matter.

Furthermore, the more malicious of these Apps can be used to hack you Social Media accounts like with the USA’s Central Command’s accounts. You should be careful when accepting any App request for access and if your gut says there’s something iffy then trust it! It’s usually right!

This is not what I want to cover today. Today I would like to cover something that has flown under the radar of many a Facebook user.

3rd Person Access Via Your Friends

Many of you would have signed up to 3rd party systems that you can access via Facebook sign in. Spotify, Netflix, Candy Crush to name but a few. Many of these Apps are doing what marketers do on a daily basis, they use your Facebook profile information to tailor their services and advertise the right products to your FB page. Their request looks something like this:

1 Top FB Tip 1

They tell you what they can access when you sign in for the first time via Facebook and if you are like me I accepted these terms. I know the grey area that is Facebook privacy and I know that for the most part it is up to me to govern how much information I put up there.

What I did not realise until very recently was that my more private information, information that I have allowed only friends to see, can be made available to some Apps out there despite me not using or allowing them.

How? Because my friends use them and have accepted their access requests.

Before you get angry with your friends, you’re doing the exact same thing and these Apps are clever. They tell you that they will gain access to your contact list but do not need to tell you what they do with that contact list.

If your friend uses a 3rd party App on Facebook and have accepted their terms then automatic settings on YOUR Facebook account means that those Apps have access to the following pieces of information:

FB Security Settings v6

I’m not sure about you but I’m pretty uncomfortable with Apps that I have not given my authority to having access to information such as my photos and current location. Even if it’s just potentially.

If you feel the same way then go into your Facebook account and select settings.

FB Security Settings v3

Go into ‘Apps’ on the left hand side.

FB Security Settings v1

Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Apps Others Use’ and edit your settings according to your comfort level.

FB Security Settings v2

And there you have it! Isn’t it a great feeling to essentially blockade those sneaky Apps?! When it comes to this aspect of sharing information it really is ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’.

FB Security Settings v5

If you have ANY questions regarding Social Media Security or any advice of your own let me know! Leave a comment below, Tweet me @_NovaHelena, leave a comment on our FB page or find me on LinkedIn.

Hope it helps!

5 Shows To Binge On This Halloween

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It’s that time of year, October, the month spent building up towards Halloween. Weeks of pumpkins and planning that perfect costume are in full swing. In honour of the month of frights and gore and the return of two the scariest programmes of all time (see below), this week Nova’s blog post is going to be slightly different. Today I (Helena) present to you the 5 scariest shows that are perfect for binging on this Halloween. Before I begin however, there are a few things you should know:

  1. I get scared easily.  This does not mean I shy away from horror rather it means I spend a large proportion of time hiding behind a cushion or running from the room.  
  2. I am a TV addict.  All spare moments that I manage to find are spent watching TV.
  3. I watch all of the below near a working light that can be switched on and off with ease and a pillow within reach.

The 5 shows below are utterly terrifying in my humble opinion and I have ranked them according to how many times I have had to look away from the screen to avoid a nightmare filled sleep.

1. American Horror Story (AHS)

Truthfully this is the programme that actually inspired this whole blog post for Halloween. It returned to our screens at the beginning of October and is legitimately the most terrifying series that you can tune in to and watch at your leisure. It’s whole raison d’être you see is to scare people. It’s as absurd as it is scary in it’s story lines. It’s the TV version of a House of Horrors. With each season there’s a different reality with no constant set of characters that you get to know. People watch this with one goal in mind: to be traumatised with horror.

If you watch AHS and that’s not your reason for watching please let me know why because honestly: What. Is. Wrong. With. You?

First 2 seasons are on Netflix, so go, be terrified and keep that light on.

2. The Walking Dead (TWD)

The Walking Dead is a firm office favourite. It inspires constant discussion in the office on how best to survive a zombie apocalypse to a point where some of us argue that we would fare better in such a lawless dangerous world. This however, is a complete lie. None of us would survive the atrocities that regularly occur in TWD universe. If you are a fan of the show then you know just how far these survivors have been pushed to adapt and the lengths they are willing to go to try and protect the little they have (Ripping a man’s throat our with your teeth anyone?!).

If you haven’t watched this programme: What. Is. Wrong. With. You?

Check out the trailer for the first season (it really is worth watching from the beginning) and the first 3 seasons are on Sky Go and Virgin Media OnDemand. If you live in the USA lucky you it’s on Netflix.

Oh and they’ve ordered a new season.


3. Whitechapel

I feel bad because as a Brit there should be more British offerings on this list but I am rather dedicated to American TV.  Whitechapel stands up against the many offerings from across the pond and holds it’s own easily. It is hand on heart one of the creepiest TV programmes to date.  All three seasons are murky, dark and dank creating an intense fearful atmosphere all juxtaposed beautifully with the horror of newbie DI and the flippant realism of the homicide team that have witnessed all types of horror.

Warning the morgue scenes are not for the faint of heart.  And if you make it to season 4 good luck.

First 3 seasons are waiting for you on Netflix. There is a season 4 but that’s the last one, WHY ITV?!


4. Hannibal

Hannibal is just down right creepy. But you already know that because it’s a show about a man who gets away with murdering and then eating his victims. But he’s not selfish. Oh no, he also extends this courtesy to his dinner guests who happily oblige thinking that the sausage on their plate is a special variety of Bavarian meat. What is truly terrifying however, is Hannibal’s psychological manipulation and torture of the ‘hero’ Will Graham who, against his wishes, has been dragged back into the world of homicide detective work. The serving of human flesh is forgettable compared to the destruction of this man. To ensure that it fulfils it’s quota of terror the show does make sure to re-enact savage murders in extreme detail.

If that’s not enough there are some genuine jump out of your seats moments. But I guarantee that’s not what is going to keep you up at night.

Hannibal is available on all catch up services.

5. The Strain

The Strain is the Vampire version of a Zombie apocalypse that takes you on a journey from the first outbreak to full out hordes infesting the sewers and the dark streets of New York. It’s not on the level of The Walking Dead but it does have some moments of ‘look away now or be scarred for life.’ These Vampires are not the glamorous sparkling chiselled seductive Vampires of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries or even Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Sidenote: Scary Programme and still the best show ever aired on TV #neverforget). No these are the Vampires of nightmares who suck blood using an extended tentacle like pincer that if it just grazes you means you had better start planning your funeral.

If you’re looking for an easy scare then this is the programme for you. Season 1 has just aired in the UK on FX and can be found on all catch up services.

Special Shoutout: Doctor Who

When compared with the above Doctor Who is child’s play but there are some downright scary moments that cause you to start reaching for that cushion. I mean who survived this:

Without a heart attack?

What do you think? Do you agree with my selection? Is there a programme that I’m missing out on?! Let me know @HWalshNDM

The First 24 Hours With An iPhone 6

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It Begins With A Question From A Jealous Social Media Manager

In the office it is quite clear who loves Apple the most, who will use nothing but a mac, for she is addicted to hot corners and the little sound they make when booting up. Our Social Media Manager, Helena, will readily admit to being quite bias towards the brain child of Steve Jobs.

Her tablet is an iPad, her phone an iPhone, her laptop a MacBook Pro. When the rest of the office bought PCs (that they had to build themselves) Helena stayed loyal and dug her heels in until a Mac was sitting pretty on her desk. She then began work straight away whilst the rest of the office had fun screwing and un screwing bolts customising their PCs to suit their needs.

And slowly but surely she began working on the rest of the office. To be honest it wasn’t much of a challenge with the CEO already feeding a small seed of love for Apple. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when John (CEO) walked into the office with a brand new Mac laptop and more importantly a beautiful iPhone 6 in his grasp. This of course prompted a simple question from Helena:

“Is it as glorious as it is in my dreams?”

If you’re as eager as our Social Media Manager or are debating whether to purchase here is an honest review from a man who has had both Android and iPhone glued to his ears in the past 24 hours.

iPhone 6 – My Immediate Opinion

Well what can I say, I have to begin with:

The guys in apple were at their usual awesome level putting up with me standing there painstakingly working out the total cost of all packages with a calculator! Patience, has now been added as an additional prerequisite to being an ultra cool Apple dude (extending our previous character traits of having a fantastic beard and being called Chris!)

After 15 – 20 minutes of deliberating, I managed to choose a deal that gave me an extra 6GB of 4G data for just £30 (upfront cost), none of the tariffs I looked at really made much of a difference, so I settled on a mix of cost, features and upfront payment. I’m paying just £3 more a month than the iPhone 5 and I have 10GB of 4G data each month, so I’m chuffed about that! (thanks to EE).

I brought the phone in the Thurrock Apple Store, so if I want Apple care I get 2 years warranty and accidental damage for £79 and also I benefit from extended warranty for internal faults, like battery failure. (A problem I feared hit me on the iPhone 5 but turned out to be a dirty charging port).

My main reason for choosing the iPhone 6 over anything else on the market is the familiarity and trust I have that Apple are going to offer me a superior and well rounded device. I have had the Androids and Blackberries and Nokia’s and none come near to the winning overall quality and functionality.

I mean this is the same stuff I was sold into when choosing Apple for my next phone back at the iPhone 5 launch 2 years ago

The only frustration I came to harbour with the iPhone 5 was the apps organisation and the screen was just a bit to small for me. Also the battery life, I only figured out how to extend life (by turning off data roaming) a few weeks ago!!

I immediately love the iPhone 6 extra space (and zoomed view options). I now have all the app space I need on a single screen. Plus armed with my new knowledge of battery life and a NoMo battery charger from my good friends at, I no longer fear short battery life!

You know I used to find myself creating too many organisation folders to keep my favourite apps on hand, now at a thumbs reach I have the room I needed to keep key apps immediately available.

I haven’t had the chance to play with any other functionality yet, so I can only talk about the screen which just looks wonderful, that might possibly be a result of my iPhone 5 screen looking a little haggard, with it’s scuffed protecter sat on top, dulling the experience down on that screen (I recall feeling the same about the iPhone 5 screen you see).

Anyway, my new iPhone 6 screen is crisp, bright and colourful and looks delightful. The curvature of the screen is an extra point in the beauty meter and adds an infinity pool effect where the phones bezel appears non-existent.

I got the Black finish this time which I’m really enjoying, it’s compliments my new Mac Book Pro wonderfully!

The sim / network isn’t currently working so I can’t actually use the phone, as a phone (at the moment). I’m sure after a short call to EE we’ll be OK, Not sure what happened but my upgrade seems to have been misconfigured or not explained to me so I currently have a sim that seems to recognise 2 numbers and has taken the liberty of joining my iCloud and Gmail together allowing me to benefit from the same configuration I set up on the Mac the other day.

The button configuration is OK too, Conor the “Android Fan Boy”, seems to think the buttons are laid out for right handed people, but (a leftie myself) find that all the buttons are in easy reach for me. Having my thumb on the volume side (the side I use most) means I can use all three buttons there with ease and index finger the other side if I need to quite happily enough. Overall the buttons are simply much nicer and easier to push with better tactile response.

I’m very happy with the over-arching design and experience so far. The new screen size is my favourite feature at present. I’m looking forward to pushing the new hardware with some 3D games or some of our own AR software (NovAR), but I’m sure how I’m going to find the rest of the phone, I’ll have fun with it later and let you know more then.

In the mean time the only thing I can tell you about the functionality was partially thanks to the new Mac Book Pro I have too. The iTunes install was easy, streamlined yet it appeared not to work. I left it off last night and when I plugged it in just now I am pleased to see that I have all my iPhone 5 Apps on my iPhone 6 just where I left off.

The images all uploaded to my Mac too allowing me to distribute them to my cloud storage later and thus far I’m LOVING my new Apple Experience.

I’m really feeling the immediate benefit and productivity surge at work as well as at home too! My Mac Book Pro, iPhone 6 and I are having a whale of a time with it, all I can say is why did I ever bother with Windows?!?

I should have made this transition a long time ago, I’m not missing my PC or Laptop a single little bit!!

So what about you?! Do you have an iPhone 6? Are you a convert from Android or are you an advocate for Samsung?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheNovaAgency. We want to know what you think!

Our Response To The G-Mail Hacking

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5 Million Gmail passwords leaked.

I love this article from Jose Pagilery, his opening sentance. “It is still unclear how anyone obtained the vast collection of usernames and passwords.”

Hey Jose!

5 Million, usernames and passwords were, leaked, hacked, phished and cracked. There’s nothing else that could have happened. Unless those ruskies have started their mind control practices again and have figured it out finally!?

I love that as soon as something like this happens the company targeted is potentially to blame. Now I’m not saying that Google haven’t been hacked, but what I think is more likely is this is an accumulated list from peoples accounts that have been phished.

Phishing is the art of building a website that looks like Google (in this instance) and making you sign in, normally with a ruse of some kind sent via email, like “you password has been infiltrated, you need to reset it”.

Where you’ll then be presented with a site that looks like Google but isn’t, it’s a trap and you’re about to fall for it by entering your username and password. Bazinga, too late!?

You know how often kids or uneducated adults wander from web page to web page, from email to email, link to link, without any regard for the “naughty people” lurking in the Dark Web.

Terrorist, Hacktivists, Crackers, Coder and Teens who want to prove to their peers they are capable, all nipping the edges of the WWW and it’s old school security like a school of piranhas eating an elephant, all waiting for the problem between the chair and the keyboard to make a mistake.

The facts are Google probably hasn’t been hacked, they most likely have the very best in security and verification (including the use of mobiles, IP and trends), the fact is the person that’s been hoodwinked is you. Do you need to change your passwords… YES. For Google or just in general…?

If you feel you know this subject and have the perfect password system already, please email me the system, I’m eager to learn!

But for the masses of internet users, all several billion of them, you need to change your outlook on password security altogether, do you have a master password for everything? Is it a word with some numbers?

Currently as it stands the likelihood is, your password can be hacked in less than a few seconds, using a simple online tool and a list of possible alpha-numeric combinations.

Oh, you’ve added a few symbols too? Great you’ve added a few minutes on the length of time it would take the crackers to get access. The fact is their are no passwords on earth that are “uncrackable”, the best you can do is not be one of the 5 million gmail accounts that has by trying the following tips:

1/ Do not use real words!
2/ Add a few numbers
3/ Use Uppercase and Lowercase
4/ Gibberish vs Intelligence

Think about your passwords, create a little system that works for you. Most passwords need to consist of more than 6 digits, Letters and Numbers, Upper Case and Lower Case and in some cases Symbols too.

Why not mix all of these things up in some form of a legible way that means something to you but no one else. Any real words or names will be subject to a simple and easy dictionary attack, these take minutes to crack and are the most obvious failures in password protection. Even if you added 10 numbers afterwards, all you are doing is adding time to crack the password as dictionary + maths equals how computers work.

Well now you are adding significant failsafes in to your password, not to the crackers but to people looking over your shoulder to get your details. There is not much visually
between a capital i and the number 1 for example.

There’s a distinct difference between you chucking some letters, numbers and symbols into a website registration and using an intelligent system.

I believe that there is nothing we can do to prevent hacking or cracking of passwords. Maybe I’m being cynical and negative, maybe, but passwords can be gibberish if your using a password manager, that makes sense.

If you won’t use a password manager things like “Leet Speak” in normal words to break dictionary attacks and maybe linking a couple of words together using a mixture of L33T, symbols, non dictionary words might make a super secure password string that you can adjust per site and remember without a manager?

But I’m confident there is no cure with passwords alone that can prevent this problem, 2-stage verification and IP tracking helps but again, it isn’t the be all and end all solution. I’m sure a lot of the 5 million passwords that were leaked have 2-stage verification also.

The solution is simple. Get educated, we can find out how our passwords are breached with a few google searches or youtube videos, arming ourselves with knowledge is the best way to fight against this problem.

Just try to react fast when we are hacked and be careful when browsing online, could it be that simple?