Cheat Sheet To Social Media

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“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” – Erik Qualman


The above Infographic gives you all the information you require to tailor your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn graphics to ensure the greatest impact.  No longer do you have to worry about pictures being cut off and vital information being missed.  Your Timeline cover can be used to promote your services or simply show off your Logo to anyone who comes across it.  You can include a call to action or pictures from an event you have recently hosted.  You want to make sure that the graphic you use is memorable and encourages visitors to find out more about your company.

Remember there’s a reason why the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” exists.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you with just the figures, that wouldn’t be very sociable of us now would it? There are some great online tools out there to help you edit your photos all for FREE so we thought we would compile some of our favourites for you to have a look at.


This is by far the easiest of the three but can be quite limited. If you’re looking to create a quick quote graphic then this is the one for you. Simply choose the image you would like, choose the text and font, click create and there you have it. One lovely graphic to display your ‘Quote of the week.”


Pixlr is for the more advanced graphic creation but once you get the hang of it you will find yourself addicted to it. Firstly you can open images from your desktop, from a web page or create a whole new one from a blank canvas. If you choose the latter option you can also choose the size of your image which means you can tailor it perfectly for your social media needs.

If the above isn’t enough to sway you then how about the fact that it can be used directly from your mobile phone. This can cut cost and time as you can create beautiful graphics that your followers will want to share whilst travelling to a meeting or on your commute home.

Tips such as these are invaluable for Small Business’ looking to make a splash on Social Media. So valuable that we will probably get in trouble for sharing them with you. But to truly dominate the Social Media world and start communicating with the millions of people active every day then we have vast amounts of tips that we’re just dying to share with you.

We had so many requests in fact that we decided to hold a training seminar September 2014 at two fantastic locations in Essex and Kent, If you are interested in social media training please get in touch to find out how we can help.

5 Things You Never Knew About Google

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1. Google was originally called BackRub

I know what you are thinking, that we are making it all up. ‘Backrub?! BACKRUB?! Why on earth would a SearchEngine Company be called BackRub?’

But it is the truth, even Google states it on their official ‘Our history in depth‘ page. But why BackRub you ask? Well according to Wikipedia, always a valid source, one half of Google’s founders Larry Page conducted a research project on the importance of backlinks when analysing a web page. That research project was nicknamed ‘BackRub”. They then then created the first version of their soon to be infamous Search Engine under the name BackRub. Why exactly was it called ‘BackRub’ we hear you ask? Well it could be a simple reference to the importance of backlinks or to take that further the idea was that the more links you have the more important your website working on an online version of “you rub my back and I’ll rub yours”.

The answer is, we’re not so sure.

So there you have it Google was close to sounding more like a massage clinic. They preferred an even geekier name – ‘Google’ a play on the word “googol” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros . . . Or something along those lines.

2. Google Spends $72 million a year on employee meals

Yes you are reading that correctly. When it comes to providing sustenance for their employees Google way ahead of the rest. According to Employee cards Google provides 2 meals a day for their employees but if other sources are to be believed employees are usually getting 3 meals a day provided for them. If accounts are correct Google has at least 9,600 employees based around the US, they are open 251 days a year which would work out at around 600 meals per year. If you then do the math (as Sillicon Alley Insider has) it works out to roughly $72 million being spent every year. Just. On. meals.

Tracking down to see if any employees have piped up and indeed they have (although whether they do work for them we aren’t entirely sure) claims to have their laundry done for them and they make the workplace ‘fun’. Perhaps a more reliable source, another commentator who claims to supply provisions to Google states that Google provide massages for their employees. He even goes as far as to say that Google is “one corporation which takes care of its people and shares its wealth with those who help to make it so.”

Whether the extra commentary is true or not, one fact remains Google does provide free food for their employees quickly making it, bar Nova, the best place to work in our eyes.

3. Google indexes 60 trillion individual webpages

As of 2013 Google indexed 60 Trillion individual webpages. That’s 60 Trillion. Individual. Webpages. Going by American Measurements of 1 Billion = 1,000,000,000 and a Trillion being one 1000 x 1 Billion then:

1 Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

If that still doesn’t blow your mind there are currently 7 Billion people on this planet. That means there are roughly 8,571 webpages for every single person alive.

And it’s never going to stop growing.

4. Search Actors name then Bacon number and it will tell you how many steps they are

This one was a favourite discovery in the Nova Office. If you’ve seen the Kevin Bacon Ads where he promotes EE’s high rates of connectivity and wondered why on earth he was chosen for the role it’s because Kevin Bacon is connected to every actor by ‘6 degrees’ or less. He has been in such a variety of films with such a wide range of actors that he is loosely connected with every single one.

Amused/impressed Google decided to add an algorithm where if you search any actor’s name and then finish with ‘Bacon Number’ it will tell you how closely connected he is with that actor.

For example:

BP 30.07.14

Will this help you grasp the internet better? Will it encourage intellectual growth? Probably not on both accounts but will it fill some time/help you waste a few hours? Definitely.

5. Google Searches All Of Your E-mails

This one edges into ‘Big Brother’ territory in an uncomfortable way. It would seem that Google searches through your e-mails using a process known as ‘content extraction’. This is where all incoming and outgoing e-mails are scanned for keywords to facilitate target advertisement towards that user. A bit like what Facebook does on a daily basis.

Furthermore Google Earth has been cited for breaching personal privacy for perhaps showing too much detail about those living at the homes shown in the street view.

Google however, remains strong and refuses to backdown to groups who believe it truly is breaching privacy laws.

Would it stop you from using Google?

So there you have it, 5 things you didn’t know about Google. Some of these facts may help you, some are just nice additions to the current ruler of search engines.

As always we would love to know your thoughts! Do you know anything about Google that we haven’t mentioned?

Tweet your facts to @TheNovaAgency or comment below!

5 Top Tips For Social Media

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Every day we’re learning new things, and with Social Media new tips are sent into the online world every day at an increasing rate. Add this to the fact that being a Social Media Manager today is very different from a year ago and it is hard to keep up. Those that call themselves Social Media Managers find that their job roles and their responsibilities have shifted completely into content marketing. Now when running Social Media platforms content is key to organic and genuine interactions, sales is second to increasing reach and should be treated as a nice by product of a successful campaign and in my opinion should not be a primary aim.

Once we have accepted that Social Media is content driven it becomes a question of; how to source/generate good content and how to ensure that good content is regularly being posted at the right time.

Here are my top 5 tips for those beginning to tackle the Social Media world.

1) Set Up Google Alerts

This is brilliant in it’s simplicity and is usually overlooked. The reason that I have put this down as a Top Tip is mainly for when you’re on the go or if it slips your mind to have a look at industry related news Google will e-mail it straight to you. An added bonus is of course if you have ‘push notifications’ enabled on your phone so it notifies you. However, make sure you select your options correctly so you do not get random articles from blogs who are talking about events loosely connected with your industry.

To set up Google Alerts click here

Simply select the options that best suit your purposes, personally I set up two alerts one for ‘News’ and one for ‘blog’ results to weed out the really generic stuff.

Blog Post 16.04

2) TweetDeck

My relationship with Tweetdeck has suffered some highs and some lows. When first venturing into Social Media I had TweetDeck enjoying the ability to update Twitter and Facebook with one click whilst simultaneously being able to schedule posts for a later time and/or date. Then the faster performing management systems like Hootsuite and Sproutsocial (see point 4) came along. They included the ability to manage numerous accounts at once across multiple platforms not just Twitter and Facebook. Rather than try and compete TweetDeck streamlined their system and removed Facebook allowing the user to zero in on Twitter.

They realised that one problem with Twitter is simply the vast amount of information that an average user is bombarded with and the speed that it moves at. The beauty with the new TweetDeck ironically is that if focuses only on one Twitter account at a time. You can therefore have columns dedicated to the ‘Lists’ that you have lovingly created on Twitter allowing you to watch real time what your followers are up to. Or if you have a ‘List’ dedicated to leads you can see what they are up to and when they are online allowing you easier access to engage.

You can only access TweetDeck on desktop at the moment but there is an app to make accessibility easier.

3) Buffer App

I was resistant of this application when I first came across it worried that it might interfere with my posting schedule, however it has rapidly become part of my daily routine and is now a brilliant way of sourcing content.

Buffer allows you to schedule content that is it’s primary aim, it means that rather then sharing a good article that you have found straight away you can store it away and Buffer will schedule it for you. It’s newest addition is what has now won me over. Through signing in with your Twitter Account Buffer looks at what you regularly post and then tailors suggestions to you every day. This means that with one click of a button you both source and schedule good content in the most efficient of ways.

4) Management Tools

Although I’ve simply labelled this point as ‘Management Tools’ I will mainly be talking about Hootsuite and Sproutsocial as these are the two that I primarily use and have the most experience with. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but the main reason that it has made my top 5 tips is for their scheduling feature.

With Hootsuite you can schedule the following:Hootsuite Profiles

Sproutsocial is slightly more limited but it makes up for this with it’s easier reporting system and fantastic user interface. With Sproutsocial you can add the following accounts:

SproutSocial Profiles

With both management systems you can schedule content for the next year if that is what you wish allowing Social Media Managers to plan campaigns months in advance and giving them the confidence that content will definitely be coming out on those dates. It also allows you to post at strategically potent times of the day maximizing reach and engagement.

Hootsuite Scheduling EditSprout Social Scheduling Edit

5) Pulse

Pulse is one of my favourite discoveries of recent months. Recently bought by LinkedIn it had been the late Steve Job’s favourite app for it’s simplistic design and integration with all major social media platforms. Whilst I do love how easy it is to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, what I use Pulse for is sourcing custom content across a range of industries. It allows you to source articles from all around the web in categories tailored to your wishes. The articles are then displayed in a visual format that is pleasing to the eye and when you click through to the article you can ‘like’ it and share it in two simple steps.

Pulse 1Pulse 2Pulse 3

You can then organise these categories into ‘Lists’ to suit the industry you’re working for. For example for NoVa Digital Media I wanted to source articles dealing with the latest news in Technology:

Pulse 4

With LinkedIn’s acquisition you can now sign into Pulse via your LinkedIn Account, and faster searches with more discovery tools.

I hope that these Tips help anyone looking to take on the social media world, if you would like to discuss more please get in touch:

New Twitter Layout

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Over the next few days you will be hearing more and more about the new Twitter layout and it’s comparisons to Facebook. Of more importance however, are it’s implications for businesses and how they can take advantage.

So what are the changes and how can we utilise them to our advantage?

1) The First thing that stands out to us is the new cover photo option. This is what screams Facebook when you first see the new profile layout. Rather than have a small header behind the profile picture it now takes prime position and stretches across the entire page. This means that unlike Facebook the cover photo is now a lot larger and some could argue more effective.

Like with Facebook the profile picture now moves to the left and lower down the page cutting into the cover photo slightly.

New Twitter Profile 1Old Twitter Profile 1

Tip 1: Twitter advises that the best dimensions for your profile picture is now a much larger 400 x 400 px

Tip 2: As you can guess the new header turned cover photo is now 1500 x 500 px rather than the much smaller 520 x 260 px

Tip 3: Business’ should take advantage of this new space for Call to Actions and to show off products that they are proud of

Tip 4: USe your space wisely. Whilst it will be a great new way of promoting new information and Calls To Actions when on a mobile device the profile picture returns to the centre of the Header therefore blocking out parts of the Header that were visible on your desktop.

New Twitter Profile 1.4


2) Once you’ve used the new Twitter for a couple of minutes you notice that the profile page has a far more Facebook feel to it. Your tweets are much larger making them easier to read and your profile information is now underneath your profile picture much like the ‘About’ information on your Facebook Profile.

Tip 5: Again this makes the information easier to read and access and should therefore be used by companies to stress important information about their company.

3) Perhaps our new favourite feature, and one that is very different from good old Facebook, is the new ability to ‘Pin’ a tweet to your timeline – you cannot however, pin other users tweets to your timeline. By ‘pinning’ a tweet you keep it at the top of your profile timeline so that every time a user clicks on your profile that is the first pin they see.

What does this mean for business’? Well one of the biggest problems companies face is that the average life span of a tweet is extremely short, the longest being around 2 hours however the more followers you have and the more accounts they follow cuts this time dramatically and for some will only last a few minutes.

By giving accounts the option to ‘pin’ a tweet it means that they can have one tweet remain static at the top of their page. If however, you decide to ‘pin’ another tweet it will replace the previously pinned tweet which will then go back to it’s position prior to ‘pinning’. This means that the pinned tweets do not get simply pushed down your timeline but virtually disappear if they were pinned quite a while ago.

New Twitter Profile 3

Tip 6: ‘Pin’ those tweets that have a link that you wish to promote, or a competition/offer you want to push.

4) Visual Changes

Tweets that are performing well based we’re guessing on retweets, replies and favourites will appear larger in your stream drawing the eye to these tweets more than others.

You may notice that your photo gallery layout has changed as well and some could argue that it looks quite similar to another Social Media platform we all know and love, Pinterest (combine this with the new ‘pin’ feature and it’s not just Facebook who seems to have been flattered through imitation).

New Twitter Profile 4

Tip 7: Photos are now easier to view and easier to select making it a useful tool for promoting certain products.

5) If you were to then visit a profile who has switched over Twitter tells you how many mutual followers you have underneath a more prominent direct Tweet box.

This means that you can easily see how interconnected your networks are and if it is worth going through their followers or not.

New Twitter Profile 5

6) Don’t Panic!

Not everything has changed and more importantly if you’re not a fan you do not have to switch over. . . yet. Twitter have not mentioned when or if they plan to make these changes permanent but like Pinterest and unlike Facebook, they are giving you a chance to choose whether you change over.

Additionally your Home, Notification, and Discovery Pages have not changed meaning that your background graphics can stay exactly the same.

What do you think? Do you like the new Twitter layout? Have you switched over?

If you are a business and you want to know how this affects you more please ring on 01708553320 and one of our friendly Social Media Gurus will love to talk you through it.

SuperBowl Ads The British List

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Waking up on Monday morning us Brits are presented with a trend that we all knew was coming, at this very moment it is trending on both Facebook and Twitter, the Superbowl. And with such an event every year we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of big American ads making their debut ( a few we know came out a little bit earlier but their golden time to shine was Sunday evening American time). All the big names were in play; Jaguar, Budweiser, Audi, Beats, GoDaddy to name but a few. It has always caused quite a stir in the Nova offices with disagreements over some of the US top picks involving comments regarding British humour and culminating in 3 members of the team; The Boss, The Communications Girl, and the Web Guru deciding to do their own top 5 Lists. We won’t keep you waiting any longer.

The Communications Girl (CG)

The quality of Superbowl Ads this year was incredibly high and it seems that this year, more so than in prior years, brands were using the power of celebrity to the max. A few of the offerings this year were crammed with more celebrities than a red carpet event. I would also like to add that non-British readers may call me out on my bias when it comes to the more Union Jack loving Ads but seriously they have little extra something (Tom Hiddleston) this year.


Budweiser ‘Puppy Love

The romantic in me swooned at this ad. I’ll ignore the fact that one’s a horse and one’s a puppy and that it has nothing to do with Budweiser. I’ll also ignore the fact that Budweiser is clearly playing on a woman’s love for a puppy (Andrex is the real criminal there). It. Is. Adorable.


Bud Lite

Budweiser strikes again but with this time with Bud Lite. Named on various sites as the ‘best’ ad from the Superbowl I unfortunately find it a little too much. I LOVE the fact that ‘The Terminator’ himself rocks up in a hilarious outfit to play Table Tennis and that there’s a LLama but it’s still just a little too OTT for me.


Kia K900

The top 3 were extremely hard for me and at various points of the day this ad was my number 1. It is a beauty of an ad, it checks all the boxes; awesome special effects, check. Laurence Fishburne as his Matrix alter ego, check. My ONLY issue is the use of the slightly over used Nessun Dorma. Other than that Kia have pretty much hit the nail of the head with this one.



Now I know what everyone’s going to say that the only reason Jaguar’s British Villian’s Rendezvous beat out Kia K900’s offering is because it is British. It’s not. The ad plays on a stereotype that we love to hate and includes Tom Hiddleston’s cheekbones. Plus London looks excellent and there’s a helicopter. I simply cannot see how even an American can fault that logic.


Newcastle Ale ‘Not a Mega Huge Ad’ Ad

This, in my humble opinion, has British (female, my boss hastens to add) humour down to a tee. Anna Kendrick is superb, with her one liners, “Beer commercial girl hot no. But I like a challenge.”‘ and I’ve always been a sucker for Ads that shy away from the norm. All the other videos in my list must have had budgets larger than a small country’s economy. But this ad shines in it’s simplicity. My boss kept referring to this Ad as the ‘bitchy girl’ one but this just made me like it more.

A special mention should go out to Beats Music Ad featuring Ellen. If only for her impressive shapes on the dance floor.

The other lists (The Boss & The Website Guru) will be out soon, but let us know what your favourites were! Do you agree or disagree with any of my top picks?!

Thanks for reading,

Communications Girl

Social Media, Teenagers And Employability

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Last week on BBC breakfast news the retired footballer Stan Collymore made an appearance to shine a harsher, although not harsh enough in my opinion, light on the awful Twitter abuse that he has had to suffer over the weekend. Through talking about this topic on national TV he has brought to the attention of millions a topic that needs to be talked about more.

Whilst on the famous BBC Breakfast couch Collymore quite rightly calls Twitter a “breeding ground” for hate and then talks of his discomfort over age restrictions. The age limit on Twitter has always been low with no actual age limit officially enforced meaning that persons of a younger age can legally join the Twitter world and send off their thoughts to be read, potentially, by millions. In Collymore’s case he has witnessed ‘gangs’ of adolescents spouting abuse from all angles. A virtual representation of what is happening on our streets, youngsters readily joining the ranks of criminal organisations. Despite Twitter’s secure privacy settings this is down to the individual to use and is not enforced on those younger than 18. And Twitter as we all know is not the only platform to encourage such foul play. All the major sites, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram to name a few are all vehicles that internet trolls and bullies use to enable their cruelty.

David Cameron himself has argued that the topic of cyber-bullying should be made part of the sex-education syllabus at schools and that teenagers need to be educated on it now more than ever before.

Another worrying trend that is growing at an alarming rate is that of ‘Internet Addiction’ and the devastating affect of sites encouraging self-harm. The Telegraph recently wrote about the tragic case of Tallulah Wilson who committed suicide after using Social Media to trade stories of self-harm and to feed her downward spiral. The article reports that Culture Secretary Maria Miller wished to “crack down on the ‘poison’ reaching young people through their use of social media”.

The more severe cases of cyber-bullying and Internet fuelled self-harm will always be popular topics of debate. Ones that the government quite rightly casts an increasingly more critical eye upon, and yes whilst these matters cannot be ignored there is one area that I believe is slipping under the radar.

That is the issue of of Social Media and employability, although touched upon in the media when cases such as Paris Brown arises, is not given the focus that it deserves. The number of employers who have actively rejected a potential employee because of something they have seen on social media is growing at an increasing rate. More importantly this growth is being matched if not passed by the number of employers who are hiring because of a candidate’s Social Media activity.

Most would assume that posting about drinking and taking drugs would put off potential employers quite effectively and they would be right. This is quite an obvious one but what many do not realise is that something as small as spelling mistakes can also put off a prospective employer. However, what needs to be stressed even more are the rising numbers of employers hiring because of an element of a person’s social media profile that has impressed them. Facebook posts about charity work, Tweets in another language and Pins organising your activities are all reasons as to why employers have hired someone. These are simple methods that teenagers need to be educated on. Some may be already doing so but need the confidence to capitalise upon it.

It is for this reason that I have begun going into schools around Essex teaching young adults of the benefits that can be yielded from a clever use of social media. Hopefully through educating this age group we can start to see small changes in how they approach Twitter and Facebook and how they use it to promote themselves in a more positive light.

When approaching Social Media, at whatever age, just keep one thing in mind. If you were at a party full of people and you knew only a third well what would you comfortable with the other two thirds knowing about you? What wouldn’t you mind being talked about loudly? Who would you talk to and who would you pursue a friendship with? What would you boast about and what would you keep a secret?

If teenagers begin to ask these questions before posting on the Internet then maybe we can walk away from forums of hate and missed opportunities when they are older.

New Trending Feature On Facebook

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Trending On Facebook

Facebook has recently rolled out a new Trending feature on Facebook Home pages.  Although not available to all Facebook users this feature works like Twitters trending news feed.  It shows the top 3 most popular topics and hashtags being talked about on Facebook at that time.  These stories are collated from people and Pages who’ve shared them with you or have shared them as Public.


Facebook has introduced this feature, recognizably a Twitter function, in order to encourage conversations, and to push their introduction of the #.


These trends will appear on the right side of your homepage with a little blue arrow cementing the topic as a rising news story of note.

Facebook Trending Feature

At the moment this feature seems to be at it’s earliest stages with users not able to set locations as a filter meaning that UK users may come across popular news stories in the US.  Whether this is positive or a negative depends on the user.  I for one have no interest in whether the Seattle Seahawks have made it to the Superbowl or not.

As a Twitter user who hates having to click on the trend to find a viable link, and thus having to witness a few moronic tweets a long the way, this will save me time when sourcing content.

One useful feature is Facebook’s addition of putting a link up to a news article discussing the trending topic.  This means that a user does not have to click on the trend to see what it is about but rather can go straight to the source.  As a Twitter user who hates having to click on the trend to find a viable link, and thus having to witness a few moronic tweets a long the way, this will save me time when sourcing content.

These trending topics do not appear on your business page news feed so companies cannot reference them when on their page.  Additionally this feature has not been rolled out to everyone so if you cannot see these little blue arrows of trending might do not worry, I’m pretty confident it will be with you soon.

Do you have this newest feature? Will it add to your Facebook experience?

Personally I would have been more excited by Facebook’s endorsement of GIFs on our news feeds.  Now that would be an excellent addition.


Responsive Design It’s Essential For Mobile Users

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Responsive Design – Why is it essential for Mobile Users?

Responsive websites should have become an integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy over the last few years. In this post, I want to bring to your attention just one change in the way in which the lifestyle of the people of London has changed in the last 12 months that has resulted in it being even more essential for your website to be responsive.

you can’t help but feel that it is only a matter of time before the service will be available across 100% of the underground network.

Let’s face it, as the weather is beginning to get warmer, we’re all waking up and thinking “great another crowded train. At least we have our smartphones to keep us entertained.” I personally know several people whose commute into London takes anywhere up to two hours. They hop from tube after tube mindlessly waiting to get to their place of work.

EE, Virgin mobile, Vodafone, and o2 all offer (or are soon to be offering) free WiFi on the underground. Only Three mobile customers are missing out as it stands. They can however, access this service by paying to connect via Virgin Mobiles connection.

Have the mobile companies that are now offering free WiFi addressed this boredom? Simply put, no… Not yet anyway. All of the participating networks have had large numbers of reports of connection drop outs between each station. However, you can’t help but feel that it is only a matter of time before the service will be available across 100% of the underground network.

Great! So, you get access to the internet in places that were otherwise inaccessible before now. What does that really mean?

Can you get it on your laptop? Yes but who really wants to stand (or sit if you’re very lucky) on a crowded, hot underground train attempting to balance their laptop in one hand, whilst trying to efficiently browse their files, documents and internet? Though it can be done, it’s not easy and certainly not efficient.

So what about Smartphone’s and Tablets? This for me is where the mobile operators intended their WiFi to be used. With no additional adapters needed, simply connect and you’re away on your weapon of choice that is easy to use with one or both hands… even in a crowded underground train.

So why does this mean that we should now be pushing forward with responsive websites? Regardless of whether you’re a developer, designer or head of marketing at a company looking to have their website updated, redeveloped or rebranded, it is essential that you understand the importance of responsive design. Simply put, that importance is –‘ Reach’. By this I do not necessarily mean you wouldn’t be able to reach those people with a standard website designed purely for desktop or laptop computer. What I mean is by having a responsive site, you’ll be converting the ever expanding reach to customers.

Regardless of whether you’re a developer, designer or head of marketing at a company looking to have their website updated, redeveloped or rebranded, it is essential that you understand the importance of responsive design.

Have you ever brought a member of the public in to your office and sat them down in a room behind a one way mirrored glass window? Have you then given them a Smartphone with your non responsive website pre-loaded that has been designed solely for a conventional computer and watch them attempt to complete a series of common goals and tasks?

I’ll be honest, I have, and sometimes it can be painful and even embarrassing to watch.

My theory is both simple and logical. The more a user has to do in order to achieve the goal that you want them to carry out, the less likely they are to complete that goal. That includes silly little things like having to zoom in and out in order to make sure that they are clicking on the correct link.

That is not to say you’re never going to convert people on a mobile device from a non responsive website, but the question is, how many more could you be converting? A Huge 61% of users suggest if they do not see what they are looking for right away on a website they will leave. By default a mobiles browser will load the page fully zoomed out making it very difficult to read any text or at times, see any images. An even bigger 67% say they are more likely to buy from a mobile responsive site as reported by Google in Sept 2012.

This presents a big problem, true, but more importantly it also provides a huge opportunity for those without a mobile responsive website. The truth of the matter is if you’re website is not responsive you will be loosing even your most loyal customers to your competitors that have made it easier for their users to complete their required goal.

Be the first out of your local, national and international competitors to embrace mobile responsiveness whole heatedly. You will not only achieve higher visitor rates, but you will push those visitors into becoming customers by giving them a friendly, usable intuitive and most importantly, responsive interface to work with regardless of the mobile, tablet or computer they are using.

At Nova Digital Media we strive to produce websites that are not only functionally perfect, but visually fantastic across all devices. If you want to see what we can do for you feel free to contact us between 09.30am – 17.30pm Mon – Fri on 08459007770 or drop us an email on