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The aim of any excellent E-mail Marketing Campaign is to create content rich E-mails that people want to open and want to engage with.  Our Marketing Team excel in creating E-mails that people look forward to turning them into loyal customers.

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A successful E-mail marketing campaign is an art form, an art form that gets you into the inboxes, and heads, of Decision Makers.  Let Nova do this for you and keep track of progress with our transparent reporting and analytics.

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Knowing who has received, looked at, clicked through and purchased from you is the kind of visibility Nova provide you with our Email Campaigns.

Maximum Exposure

Branding is everything, extending your designs into your content rich emails is part of how we ensure maximum exposure for your brand.

Detailed Reports

Detailed tracking systems allow us to see, who, when, where and how your emails were viewed.

Infographic reports mean the data we gather about your campaign is quick to digest and easy to use in future campaigns.

High Quality Lists

Start building high quality lists of profiled potential customers, prospects or suppliers and use our systems to turn those lists into business assets.

Conversion Systems

Emailing a bunch of people won’t do anything, unless you create a Nova conversion system in your business making the most of each opportunity.


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