How To Make The Most Of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn For Your Business

How To Make The Most Of Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn For Your Business

Unless you’ve managed to avoid all forms of media over the past 5 years you would have come across at least one, if not all, of the following entities:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

That’s not to say that you are active on all 3 or even 1 of them. Plenty of people I’ve spoken to claim to hate social media and the horse it rode in on. Furthermore, they believe that social media had no benefit for their company!!

Maybe you’re nodding your head right now or maybe you’re already thinking about what social media could do for you.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, either personally or professionally?
  • Would like better communication with customers?
  • Would you like to talk with key thinkers in your industry?
  • Do you hold exciting events, competitions or promotions?
  • Do you like to promote positive testimonials to as many people as possible?
  • Do you love talking about what you do?
  • Have any of your customers asked whether you were on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Social Media is for you.

But how do you begin?

Or have you already begun your journey but require guidance on how to really take advantage of this modern phenomenon?

Well I have just the thing for you. Here are 3 tips to think about when approaching the big 3:

1) When creating your Facebook page apply to change the web address to include the name of your company.

So instead of:

You get:

To do this go to ‘Settings’ click on ‘Page Info’ and Edit you Facebook web address.  Much easier for potential customers to find you and a great boost to your page ranking on Google!

2) When creating your twitter account & you are asked to follow a few accounts search for the following:


they actively RT (repost) any of your tweets to their huge following on your behalf.

3) On LinkedIn follow as many groups in your industry as possible. Look for ones that have a good following and whose admin are active in conversations.

This will instantly bring you into contact with other people in your industry expanding your networking group exponentially.

But that’s only the beginning of what I could share with you.

I can show you how to:

  • Drive new visitors towards your business.
  • Find and engage with a specific demographic increasing profitable relationships.
  • Use Facebook advertising to its full advantage increasing awareness and sales.
  • Get involved with conversations about your industry letting you know what your customers want.
  • Stand out on twitter with engaging posts just itching to be shared
  • Learn How to customize all of your accounts to match your unique image.
  • How to harness the power of ‘shares’ ‘RTs’ ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ into real results.

How can I teach you all of this?

If you would like to discuss our 1to1 Social Media Training, Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Helena Walsh

Author Helena Walsh

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