Social Media And SMEs

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Social Media And SMEs

Yesterday on Radio 4 a guest speaking on behalf of last night’s Brit Awards explained how they have made this year’s show more exciting than ever by, “having the ceremony streaming live to over 150 countries on Youtube and allowing viewers to vote on Twitter for the first time. Social Media is central to everything we’re doing this year.” And it worked. Not only has #BRITAwards2014 remained a Top trend since the event but it was flooded with Tweets casting votes for a particular boy band, who like Voldemort I refuse to call by name.

Now of course a British SME will not be looking to the Brit Awards as a business model that can realistically be followed. Social Media does not have to be ‘central’ to everything that you are doing but now more than ever it should have a more pivotal role within your company. A recent report of survey answers from American companies show that 90% of small businesses are actively engaging in Social Media every day.

And where America goes the UK, and some may not be happy about this, tends to follow. Alongside this growth in Social networking participation these American SMEs also witnessed a 42% increase in customers gained with online and social channel driving the most business. Already 57% of small businesses in the UK use Social Media and the number is growing every day.

Can your company really afford to miss out on Social Media when in the next 2-5 years Social Media will be the one of, if not, the primary channel of communication between businesses and consumers.

You may be sitting there saying that your key demographic isn’t on Social Media, well Twitter’s largest user group are 55-64 year olds and Facebook well Facebook has over 1 billion members so if you can’t find your target market there I’m not sure where you will find them.

Markets were created because people began congregating to discuss daily life and then needing somewhere to buy products. Sellers seeing an opportunity set up stalls to flog their wares. Ask yourself, where are the majority of your customers now> Now when you are not limited by physical restrictions and can attract new custom all around teh world, where are they congregating to gossip, discuss, and debate. Where are they looking and asking for new products.

The answer is, if you haven’t already guessed it, on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest to name but a few.

But be warned it’s not just about tweeting and posting about deals and offers. It is not a ‘traditional’ method of communication. The everyday user has dictated the etiquette on Twitter, and it’s companions, it is a social place and so the majority of your posts should be relaxed and invite conversation.

Social Media gives with one hand and takes away with the other. That is why a guiding hand can make all the difference between getting lost amongst the chatter or transforming into the ultimate conversationalist.

The scary fact is that many SMEs are going to have to step out of their comfort zone and embrace Social Media. Albert Enstein once said, “A ship is always safer at shore but that is not what it is built for.” Your business needs to be heard, whether it’s to tell people about an offer, or to show off a testimonial it needs a forum to do this and the new slightly scary world of Social Media is this forum.

But don’t worry Nova Digital Media can help you every step of the way. Whether it’s simply setting up your accounts and showing you how to ‘Tweet’ or running a fully fledged campaign across multiple Social Media we have a team of self-confessed Media addicts ready for you.

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