Social Media & SEO A Match Made In Heaven

Social Media & SEO A Match Made In Heaven

When I first began my foray into the Social Media & SEO world the major benefit that I noticed was not in fact the reach that a company could gain through re-tweets, shares, and +1s.  No, instead it was the potential it had in regards to SEO that kept staring back at me and now it seems that the facts are saying the same thing: Social Media & SEO is a match made in Heaven.

Whenever I pitched to a potential new client I felt a bit like Cassandra from Greek mythology forever predicting the future but cursed so that no one ever believed her.  I would tell them not only that Social Media is the future but also that it will become more and more entangled with SEO.

 To put it simply if you want better results from your SEO campaign then you have to have Facebook shares and Google +1s.

A report from SearchMetrics clearly shows that Search Engines are now using Social Media signals in order to determine page ranking over the more traditional markers such as backlinks and keyword.  That is not to say that these factors are not important but there has been a huge shift and this HAS to be acknowledged by companies looking to get the most out of their SEO.

To put it simply if you want better results from your SEO campaign then you have to have Facebook shares and Google +1s.

So what can you do to help your SEO?

Here are three simple steps you can take today that can make a difference:

1)   Start being active on Google +, add people to your circles, +1 other posts and share content. If you haven’t gotten yourself a Google+ business page then get one today.  It acts a lot like a Facebook page, simply create a Gmail account and follow Google’s simple instructions (link).  And do not forget the code that Google provides to imbed into your website so that is more easily recognised by Google.

2)   Determine your Social Media keywords.  Social Media & SEO keywords differ slightly as it takes into account keywords most often used in tweets and comments.  Use a free tool such as SocialMention and gather a glossary of Social keywords to use in your posts.

Pinterest is a SEO goldmine.

3)   Pinterest.  Pinterest is slowly but surely becoming a serious contender in the Social Media turf wars.  Even if your company isn’t quite right for Pinterest, create an account today, have a look at some ‘boards’ and then simply ‘pin’ any photos that you do have directly from your company website.  There are numerous other ways that you can boost your SEO just from Pinterest and this article from Timothy Carter offers 7 different ways, confirming that Pinterest is a SEO goldmine.

Remember that Social Media is just that, it’s social.

The above tips do not work unless you ENGAGE with your audience.  Think about if you have someone shouting the same message in your face everyday in the middle of the street would you really remember their message or would you remember what a nuisance they are?  Be successful in Social Media and your SEO will benefit enormously, start viewing the two as vital ingredients in a beautiful meal rather than separate commodities and watch as both grow substantially.

When it comes to Social Media & SEO don’t forget to SOAR:

  • Social
  • Original
  • Active
  • Real

And if you do not have the time give Nova Digital Media a ring today on 08459007770 and ask to speak to Helena, for a free 1-hour consult on your Social Media & SEO.


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