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Mobilegeddon – 1 Month Later

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It’s been almost two years since we posted about responsive sites and the importance of making sure your online presence is mobile ready. We remember because the publication of such a post resulted in a rather healthy debate on Twitter with some advocating that it’s really not that important.

Well we hate to say we told you so but . . . we told you so.

A month ago Google put in place a new algorithm that focuses on the mobility of your website. That is, if your website does not have the capacity to adapt to mobile or tablet screens you will find you Google ranking (SEO) affected.

Some sources are saying that this could be as bad as your search ranking being cut in half in one fail swoop. We’re only a month in and businesses are watching their SEO rankings closely and so far they’ve seen a drop but nothing that has people panicking. . . Yet.

The good news is that it will be over the coming year that we will begin to see it’s true impact so there is still time to make sure your website is ready for what is being dubbed ‘mobilegeddon.’

How To Check If Your Website Is Ready

This is quite a simple step but one that many haven’t yet completed. Take a mobile phone, open up your browser and enter your websites address.


• You have to zoom in to navigate
• The images are tiny and undefined
• You find it difficult to select categories or fill in forms

Then your website is not ready for Mobilegeddon and you will find your SEO severely affected, dropping page ranking radically.

What To Do If Your Website Isn’t Ready

If your website isn’t ready for the oncoming SEO apocalypse it may be time to have a look at your website in a new way and maybe even giving it a little spring cleaning.

To make your online presence mobile friendly your website will have to be looked at from the back end. We can help advise you on all elements of making your website fit for any mobile or tablet screen.

Once you have a streamlined adaptable website you have to make sure that it is present on social media. The current Google algorithm focuses on your social presence. On how many ‘likes’ your FB page is and how many +1s you have on Google+ so you have to make sure you have a presence on both of these platforms and that you are driving traffic back to your website.

If you want to speak to someone about getting started on Social Media ask our resident Social Media Guru Helena

So are you ready for Mobilegeddon?! If not don’t let your website suffer! Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to help!

Weekly Round Up

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This Week In The News

Apple Gets Pranked & It’s Pretty Glorious

We wonder if Microsoft had anything to do with these pranksters?

Instagram Introduce An Excellent New App – Layout


Instagram noticed that their users love to combine many photos into one post so to help them out Instagram has rolled out a new App called Layout. It allows users to easily combine multiple pictures into one and then post onto Instagram in one swift motion.

Developers Aren’t Happy With Facebook’s WhatsApp Announcement

Facebook WhatsApp

Developers want to get their hands on WhatsApp but Mark Zuckerberg simply will not let that happen. He believes that allowing third parties access might “inundate users with messages they don’t want.” Sounds pretty reasonable to us given what it’s done to Facebook. . .

UK MPs Being Forced Into The 21st Century


Every single one of those 650 hard working MPs of ours will be gifted with brand new Ipad Air 2s after the Election. Bet they want to win their seats even more now.

Tips & Training

Not Too Late To Book In & Find Out Why Our Helena Walsh Loves Social Media

Next Tuesday morning Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Women In Business Breakfast Briefing and our very own Social Media expert Helena Walsh will be there to talk about the many benefits of Social Media to business. It’s not too late to book in, you can either ring Mary Clements on 02085916966 or register your interest here.

5 Executive Tips To Speed Up Your G-mail

Spending too much time going through your E-mails? Check out these 5 great tips & cut time wasting significantly!

Favourite Youtube Video Of The Week

Sassy dog does not like being left alone in the car.

The First 24 Hours With An iPhone 6

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It Begins With A Question From A Jealous Social Media Manager

In the office it is quite clear who loves Apple the most, who will use nothing but a mac, for she is addicted to hot corners and the little sound they make when booting up. Our Social Media Manager, Helena, will readily admit to being quite bias towards the brain child of Steve Jobs.

Her tablet is an iPad, her phone an iPhone, her laptop a MacBook Pro. When the rest of the office bought PCs (that they had to build themselves) Helena stayed loyal and dug her heels in until a Mac was sitting pretty on her desk. She then began work straight away whilst the rest of the office had fun screwing and un screwing bolts customising their PCs to suit their needs.

And slowly but surely she began working on the rest of the office. To be honest it wasn’t much of a challenge with the CEO already feeding a small seed of love for Apple. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when John (CEO) walked into the office with a brand new Mac laptop and more importantly a beautiful iPhone 6 in his grasp. This of course prompted a simple question from Helena:

“Is it as glorious as it is in my dreams?”

If you’re as eager as our Social Media Manager or are debating whether to purchase here is an honest review from a man who has had both Android and iPhone glued to his ears in the past 24 hours.

iPhone 6 – My Immediate Opinion

Well what can I say, I have to begin with:

The guys in apple were at their usual awesome level putting up with me standing there painstakingly working out the total cost of all packages with a calculator! Patience, has now been added as an additional prerequisite to being an ultra cool Apple dude (extending our previous character traits of having a fantastic beard and being called Chris!)

After 15 – 20 minutes of deliberating, I managed to choose a deal that gave me an extra 6GB of 4G data for just £30 (upfront cost), none of the tariffs I looked at really made much of a difference, so I settled on a mix of cost, features and upfront payment. I’m paying just £3 more a month than the iPhone 5 and I have 10GB of 4G data each month, so I’m chuffed about that! (thanks to EE).

I brought the phone in the Thurrock Apple Store, so if I want Apple care I get 2 years warranty and accidental damage for £79 and also I benefit from extended warranty for internal faults, like battery failure. (A problem I feared hit me on the iPhone 5 but turned out to be a dirty charging port).

My main reason for choosing the iPhone 6 over anything else on the market is the familiarity and trust I have that Apple are going to offer me a superior and well rounded device. I have had the Androids and Blackberries and Nokia’s and none come near to the winning overall quality and functionality.

I mean this is the same stuff I was sold into when choosing Apple for my next phone back at the iPhone 5 launch 2 years ago

The only frustration I came to harbour with the iPhone 5 was the apps organisation and the screen was just a bit to small for me. Also the battery life, I only figured out how to extend life (by turning off data roaming) a few weeks ago!!

I immediately love the iPhone 6 extra space (and zoomed view options). I now have all the app space I need on a single screen. Plus armed with my new knowledge of battery life and a NoMo battery charger from my good friends at B-E-E-S.co.uk, I no longer fear short battery life!

You know I used to find myself creating too many organisation folders to keep my favourite apps on hand, now at a thumbs reach I have the room I needed to keep key apps immediately available.

I haven’t had the chance to play with any other functionality yet, so I can only talk about the screen which just looks wonderful, that might possibly be a result of my iPhone 5 screen looking a little haggard, with it’s scuffed protecter sat on top, dulling the experience down on that screen (I recall feeling the same about the iPhone 5 screen you see).

Anyway, my new iPhone 6 screen is crisp, bright and colourful and looks delightful. The curvature of the screen is an extra point in the beauty meter and adds an infinity pool effect where the phones bezel appears non-existent.

I got the Black finish this time which I’m really enjoying, it’s compliments my new Mac Book Pro wonderfully!

The sim / network isn’t currently working so I can’t actually use the phone, as a phone (at the moment). I’m sure after a short call to EE we’ll be OK, Not sure what happened but my upgrade seems to have been misconfigured or not explained to me so I currently have a sim that seems to recognise 2 numbers and has taken the liberty of joining my iCloud and Gmail together allowing me to benefit from the same configuration I set up on the Mac the other day.

The button configuration is OK too, Conor the “Android Fan Boy”, seems to think the buttons are laid out for right handed people, but (a leftie myself) find that all the buttons are in easy reach for me. Having my thumb on the volume side (the side I use most) means I can use all three buttons there with ease and index finger the other side if I need to quite happily enough. Overall the buttons are simply much nicer and easier to push with better tactile response.

I’m very happy with the over-arching design and experience so far. The new screen size is my favourite feature at present. I’m looking forward to pushing the new hardware with some 3D games or some of our own AR software (NovAR), but I’m sure how I’m going to find the rest of the phone, I’ll have fun with it later and let you know more then.

In the mean time the only thing I can tell you about the functionality was partially thanks to the new Mac Book Pro I have too. The iTunes install was easy, streamlined yet it appeared not to work. I left it off last night and when I plugged it in just now I am pleased to see that I have all my iPhone 5 Apps on my iPhone 6 just where I left off.

The images all uploaded to my Mac too allowing me to distribute them to my cloud storage later and thus far I’m LOVING my new Apple Experience.

I’m really feeling the immediate benefit and productivity surge at work as well as at home too! My Mac Book Pro, iPhone 6 and I are having a whale of a time with it, all I can say is why did I ever bother with Windows?!?

I should have made this transition a long time ago, I’m not missing my PC or Laptop a single little bit!!

So what about you?! Do you have an iPhone 6? Are you a convert from Android or are you an advocate for Samsung?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheNovaAgency. We want to know what you think!

5 SEO Tricks You Didn’t Know

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a term that I am sure you are hearing more and more these days.  To put it simply SEO means ‘how to get Google (as the main Search Engine we will be using Google throughout) to notice my website.’  Think about a shop in a shopping centre and all the methods store managers use to make sure people visit them.  Leafleting and standard advertisement works but nothing is more effective than having the shopping centre promote them and push their offerings to visitors.  The exact same applies to your online store.  To drive more traffic to your website you have to be found on the 1st page of Google search, 2nd page at a push.

There are  2 main ways of doing this:

1)         Pay Google to put you at the top of the 1st page.

2)         Use a few of our simple SEO tips to appeal to the Google algorithms and push you to the top organically. Where are these Tips I’m talking about? Keep reading.

1.Social Media

Nova touched upon the relationship between SEO and Social Media in our blog post ‘Social Media & SEO A Match Made in Heaven’ where we emphasized that your page ranking can be directly impacted by your Social Media presence.  There are numerous reasons why Social Media is so great for your page ranking.  Firstly, it is a great platform to promote Specifically the more ‘shares’ you have the higher Google will rank you, and the best way so make it easy to share is the key point here.

Google’s newest algorithm update ‘Hummingbird’ specifically looks at the standing of your Social Media presence. Rather than backlinks it would seem Google is actively more interested in the amount of ‘Shares’ your FB page generates as well as the popularity of your Google + page.

2.Interesting Content

This follows on well from Social Media I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, genuine interesting content is vital to a successful SEO campaign. Remember one of Nova’s key rules:

If Content Is King Then Conversion Is Queen

The two go hand in hand. If you generate good content and put it out there conversations will start to happen. Google bots will pick up on the new interesting additions to your website as well as the ‘Shares’ ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ that come with it, all of which ticks Google’s SEO boxes pushing your website up in their page rankings.

One of the best ways to do both is by regularly updating a Blog page on your website. Now we’re not talking once a week every week, but just once a month a 500 word post offering a genuine insight into your industry and what you do as a company can significantly help your SEO ranking.

3.Webmaster Tools

If you are serious about increasing your Search Engine ranking and I mean serious then you have to get to grips with Webmaster Tools. I use Google Webmaster Tools as it works well with Google Analytics. Where Webmaster Tools aid help you is in pointing out problems on your site that cause Google Bots to send negative SEO readings back to Google. Once rectified it will give you a positive SEO boost. So where Analytics tells you about the visitors you’re already attracting, Webmaster Tools helps you attract a whole new group of visitors.

4.Get more mobile friendly

Google have just reported changes to be initiated in the USA which will hit the UK soon.  Now Google will highlight when their algorithms find a website that is not mobile responsive, this will have the negative effect of encouraging people to avoid your site.  This then has a knock on effect on your page ranking and so should be a serious consideration when creating or re-developing your website.

The fact is Google prefers responsive web design not just for you, but for them also.  It’s more efficient for Google bots to trawl through the site, additionally if your site is repsponsive therefore combining your desktop and mobile site onto one URL it makes the site easier to share and for people to engage with.  If a visitor is unhappy when trying to view a mobile site on a desktop it creates a higher bounce rate causing problems for Google’s external link algorithm which will then harm your SEO.

5.Change the way you think about keywords

Previously Google focused on the words used in a particular search to evaluate the keywords you use in your site.  Now Google will also be looking at the intent of the searcher and will look to predict the answer of their next searches dependent on a previous search.  For example if you were to search “Who is Jennifer Lawrence?” then it will come up with her Wikipedia and IMDB pages.  If you were to then search “What films has she been in?”  then Google will presume that you mean Jennifer Lawrence and provide you to links about The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.  To get to grips with this new SEO style start thinking about the subject of your website, what information it provides and where your service is located.

Do you have any great tips for increasing your Page Ranking?

What do you think of Google’s developments?

As always we would love to hear from you! Either in the comments section below or Tweet us @TheNovaAgency


The Two Things I Think Everyone Should Know How To Do On Twitter And Facebook

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Forgive me if what you are about to read are well known tricks in your Social Media Bag. Some of you may even ‘tut’ in disgrace but I do not mind. Perhaps I should have brought this to the attention of my followers long ago but it only just hit me that I regularly see people complaining about problems that these two tricks resolve.

And it hit me it wasn’t that they were forgetting to do it, no it was that they have never been told.

So do forgive me if this is all old news to you but allow me to bring these old tricks to light once more to aid the thousands of new users joining the plains of the Social Media world every day.

1. How to Make Sure That All Of Your Followers See Your Tweet To Another Account.

Are you a Social Media marketer who regularly checks analytics and think that some of your tweets to other accounts just do not have the same reach?

Or do you simply like to know that all of your followers can see when you tweet another follower?

Well then this tip is for you.

When Twitter guides you through the first steps in creating your first Tweet it fails to point out one major factor.

If you Tweet someone like this:

Blog Post 23.07.14 (1)

Without ANYTHING before the @ then the only accounts that will see that tweet are those that follow BOTH you and that account.

This can severely cut into the exposure of your tweets limiting your engagement and potentially impacting future business.

In order to avoid this and ensure that all of your followers see your Tweet you just have to put something else before the @

For Example:

Blog Post 23.07.14 (2)


Blog Post 23.07.14 (3)

And there you have it as simple as a ‘.’

I think it’s shocking, SHOCKING, that Twitter doesn’t teach you this when you first sign up


2. How To Control Everything On Your Facebook Profile

On a daily basis I read someone worried about a post being put onto their Facebook profile without his or her permission.

Or worried that a post might be uploaded when they have limited access to Facebook and so cannot take the post down.

And they are worried for good reason. More and more employers are admitting to checking current employers out on Facebook and if they don’t like what they see will bring in the employee for a warning or outright fire them.

Even worse there has been a dramatic increase in employers not hiring future employees over what they have managed to discover online. That means that if your security settings aren’t top notch that recent status that your friend has tagged you in, you know the one about you drinking until you passed out, can mean you loosing out on a job.

Well there is a simple security setting that allows you to verify any posts about you or any posts onto your wall.

To activate this setting follow these simple steps:

1. Click on Settings in the drop down option by your profile name

BP 02.07.14 1

2. Look to the left hand side and select ‘Timeline and Tagging.’

Blog Post 23.07.14 (4)

3. This is a pretty useful page full of settings to help protect you on Facebook. The one we’re interested in however, is the following:

Blog Post 23.07.14 (5)You will want to select ‘Edit’ just to the side of ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?’

4. Simply click on ‘Disabled’ and it will allow you the option to Enable this feature.  This means that from now on whenever someone tags you in a status or photo it will not show up on your timeline until you have verified it!

Blog Post 23.07.14 (6)

I know everyone’s a winner right:


There you go, two simple tips that I believe every one should know. Hopefully you will find at least one of them extremely helpful.

Let me know if you need anymore help with either of the above! Simply tweet me at @HWalshNDM or e-mail me h.walsh@novadigitalmedia.com


5 Things You Never Knew About Google

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1. Google was originally called BackRub

I know what you are thinking, that we are making it all up. ‘Backrub?! BACKRUB?! Why on earth would a SearchEngine Company be called BackRub?’

But it is the truth, even Google states it on their official ‘Our history in depth‘ page. But why BackRub you ask? Well according to Wikipedia, always a valid source, one half of Google’s founders Larry Page conducted a research project on the importance of backlinks when analysing a web page. That research project was nicknamed ‘BackRub”. They then then created the first version of their soon to be infamous Search Engine under the name BackRub. Why exactly was it called ‘BackRub’ we hear you ask? Well it could be a simple reference to the importance of backlinks or to take that further the idea was that the more links you have the more important your website working on an online version of “you rub my back and I’ll rub yours”.

The answer is, we’re not so sure.

So there you have it Google was close to sounding more like a massage clinic. They preferred an even geekier name – ‘Google’ a play on the word “googol” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros . . . Or something along those lines.

2. Google Spends $72 million a year on employee meals

Yes you are reading that correctly. When it comes to providing sustenance for their employees Google way ahead of the rest. According to Employee cards Google provides 2 meals a day for their employees but if other sources are to be believed employees are usually getting 3 meals a day provided for them. If accounts are correct Google has at least 9,600 employees based around the US, they are open 251 days a year which would work out at around 600 meals per year. If you then do the math (as Sillicon Alley Insider has) it works out to roughly $72 million being spent every year. Just. On. meals.

Tracking down to see if any employees have piped up and indeed they have (although whether they do work for them we aren’t entirely sure) claims to have their laundry done for them and they make the workplace ‘fun’. Perhaps a more reliable source, another commentator who claims to supply provisions to Google states that Google provide massages for their employees. He even goes as far as to say that Google is “one corporation which takes care of its people and shares its wealth with those who help to make it so.”

Whether the extra commentary is true or not, one fact remains Google does provide free food for their employees quickly making it, bar Nova, the best place to work in our eyes.

3. Google indexes 60 trillion individual webpages

As of 2013 Google indexed 60 Trillion individual webpages. That’s 60 Trillion. Individual. Webpages. Going by American Measurements of 1 Billion = 1,000,000,000 and a Trillion being one 1000 x 1 Billion then:

1 Trillion = 1,000,000,000,000

If that still doesn’t blow your mind there are currently 7 Billion people on this planet. That means there are roughly 8,571 webpages for every single person alive.

And it’s never going to stop growing.

4. Search Actors name then Bacon number and it will tell you how many steps they are

This one was a favourite discovery in the Nova Office. If you’ve seen the Kevin Bacon Ads where he promotes EE’s high rates of connectivity and wondered why on earth he was chosen for the role it’s because Kevin Bacon is connected to every actor by ‘6 degrees’ or less. He has been in such a variety of films with such a wide range of actors that he is loosely connected with every single one.

Amused/impressed Google decided to add an algorithm where if you search any actor’s name and then finish with ‘Bacon Number’ it will tell you how closely connected he is with that actor.

For example:

BP 30.07.14

Will this help you grasp the internet better? Will it encourage intellectual growth? Probably not on both accounts but will it fill some time/help you waste a few hours? Definitely.

5. Google Searches All Of Your E-mails

This one edges into ‘Big Brother’ territory in an uncomfortable way. It would seem that Google searches through your e-mails using a process known as ‘content extraction’. This is where all incoming and outgoing e-mails are scanned for keywords to facilitate target advertisement towards that user. A bit like what Facebook does on a daily basis.

Furthermore Google Earth has been cited for breaching personal privacy for perhaps showing too much detail about those living at the homes shown in the street view.

Google however, remains strong and refuses to backdown to groups who believe it truly is breaching privacy laws.

Would it stop you from using Google?

So there you have it, 5 things you didn’t know about Google. Some of these facts may help you, some are just nice additions to the current ruler of search engines.

As always we would love to know your thoughts! Do you know anything about Google that we haven’t mentioned?

Tweet your facts to @TheNovaAgency or comment below!

New Trending Feature On Facebook

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Trending On Facebook

Facebook has recently rolled out a new Trending feature on Facebook Home pages.  Although not available to all Facebook users this feature works like Twitters trending news feed.  It shows the top 3 most popular topics and hashtags being talked about on Facebook at that time.  These stories are collated from people and Pages who’ve shared them with you or have shared them as Public.


Facebook has introduced this feature, recognizably a Twitter function, in order to encourage conversations, and to push their introduction of the #.


These trends will appear on the right side of your homepage with a little blue arrow cementing the topic as a rising news story of note.

Facebook Trending Feature

At the moment this feature seems to be at it’s earliest stages with users not able to set locations as a filter meaning that UK users may come across popular news stories in the US.  Whether this is positive or a negative depends on the user.  I for one have no interest in whether the Seattle Seahawks have made it to the Superbowl or not.

As a Twitter user who hates having to click on the trend to find a viable link, and thus having to witness a few moronic tweets a long the way, this will save me time when sourcing content.

One useful feature is Facebook’s addition of putting a link up to a news article discussing the trending topic.  This means that a user does not have to click on the trend to see what it is about but rather can go straight to the source.  As a Twitter user who hates having to click on the trend to find a viable link, and thus having to witness a few moronic tweets a long the way, this will save me time when sourcing content.

These trending topics do not appear on your business page news feed so companies cannot reference them when on their page.  Additionally this feature has not been rolled out to everyone so if you cannot see these little blue arrows of trending might do not worry, I’m pretty confident it will be with you soon.

Do you have this newest feature? Will it add to your Facebook experience?

Personally I would have been more excited by Facebook’s endorsement of GIFs on our news feeds.  Now that would be an excellent addition.


A Social Media Manager’s Perspective – The New Facebook

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A Social Media Manager’s Perspective

I wanted to write something to follow on from John’s blog about the new Facebook. Whilst John is able to write a blog post admiring the changes and the improvements of Facebook, he sees Facebook as a web designer. John thinks and breathes design and web design. It’s what he does. Whereas I think and breathe social media (amongst a few other things). So I would perhaps say that I see and use Facebook as most average users do. Here I hope to convey a humble Social Media Manager’s perspective on the ‘new’ Facebook page.

I joined Facebook in 2006, back when you had to have a university/college e-mail address to join and this latest version of Facebook made me think about its evolution. Anyone can join now and it’s an expectation that most people and businesses have it. Companies and brands use it to promote their products and the majority of adverts on TV and the internet will have a “find out more about us on Facebook” segment.

Facebook is still, in essence a social networking site.

And yet I think it is important to remember its origins. Facebook is still, in essence a social networking site. It’s where people talk to each other, reconnect and communicate. Nowadays, instead of picking up the phone, it’s much easier to ping out a Facebook message. It wouldn’t surprise me if people use Facebook for group messages more than e-mail – you may not have someone’s e-mail or even phone number, but you can have them as a friend on Facebook…

So as an active and regular user, I’m all too aware of the frustrations of logging onto see what your friends have been up to and instead feeling overwhelmed by, what can feel like constant adverts, plugging and promotions. Facebook has received very negative comments about its’ advertising, with some adverts now even being incorporated into your timeline so you have no way of ignoring or dismissing. When a page (such as a business might have) posts an update, it too will appear in your timeline. In some instances this is very welcome, if a post is interesting or entertaining I’m more than happy to read it, but it’s a very fine line between that and promoting a product which I’d rather not have pushed in my face.

it’s a very fine line between that and promoting a product which I’d rather not have pushed in my face.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, if you want to have a successful Facebook presence for your company, it’s important to remember why people log on in the first place. People use Facebook to see what their friends are up to, to talk to people, to update others about themselves, they log on for entertainment, essentially. So whilst it is useful that a company or a business has a facebook page to represent themselves, how they use it is crucial, as it has the potential for negative as well as positive repercussions. Think objectively, why will people like this page? Will people be interested in what I have to say? Will they be interested in what I have to say if they’ve never heard of my company before? You have to remember what else is appearing in people’s timelines and what your page is competing against – adverts, other companies, updates from friends and family… how do you stand out from all of that?

That’s where Nova comes in. We understand how facebook and its users work, and we can represent your company to play to these strengths. It’s not just about the sell or the pitch, it’s about so much more than that. We can help to promote your company and your brand so that people will look for what your page has to say in their newsfeed. We know how to make your company stand out amongst everything else. Talk to us today and hear our ideas, our first consultation is free. Come and visit our offices, we have tea and biscuits.


The Passion Of The Pizza

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The passion of the pizza in the office has reached boiling point! After discussing a bad Marketing Campaign from my favourite Pizza joint, things started getting heated to the point where the words “prove it” and ‘show me then’ were thrown around, and at Nova we put our money where our mouth is! Fast forward ten minutes and 4 pizzas were making their way to Nova’s offices!


Papa John’s Marketing Plea!

Papa John’s still has a lot to answer for as far as I’m concerned as their £9.99 text deals are outrageously under advertised to staff and it’s caused 2 full blown arguments with myself and the Basildon Store as well as my Chief Web Developer and the Upminster Store.  Although my experience was slightly less problematic than Mike’s in the sense I wasn’t verbally abused by staff the manager of the store still argued with me about £0.50 as their minimum delivery charge is £10.50!

Tell me how I can take advantage of a £9.99 pizza if I have to order £10.50 to get the free delivery?!

So we decided to put both our favourite Pizza deliveries to the test!


Pizza Thunder Dome – 2 Pizzas ordered, 1 Pizza Wins!

The 2 stores that are unwittingly going head to head are:

Dominos Elm Park, Hornchurch, RM12 5AS (3.5 miles away)


Papa John’s, Dagenham, Romford, RM9 5AG (3.0 miles away)

So Papa John’s have the edge geographically, but will they utilise that edge and get the pizza here any quicker?


The Order

It just so happens that both pizza chains offer a 2 for Tuesday Deal so that makes selecting what to order easier, then we decided to choose similar pizzas to reduce the variable factors.

What we want to order:

To keep things the same we decided to order the Pizza Companies suggested best pizza (according to their standard menu) and a Pepperoni with the best Stuffed Edge available.

From Papa John’s we’ve ordered the Papa’s Favourite and Double Pepperoni and added a stuffed edge to the Pepperoni.

From Dominos as there isn’t an equivalent of Papa’s Favourite we’ve ordered a Meat Feast and a Pepperoni Passion with the Hot Dog Stuffed Edge.

What we thought of the choices available to us:

Papa John’s have some great varieties of pizza available all seemingly well thought out and authentic seem to be lacking in the options for extras like stuffed edge and base options.

Dominos on the other hand have a large selection of stuffed edge possibilities and even more options for type of base, making the chances of creating a custom pizza a lot easier.

Dominos Wins!


The Technology

How the Apps weighed up:

I happened to have the Dominos App and true to Papa John’s, Helena had the Papa John’s App, both were ordered from iPhone 5 and using the same Wi-Fi signal so the least possible external interference possible.20130820_121937

The look and feel of the 2 apps were OK in different ways with Dominos taking the lead due to their design being slightly more polished and modern. The designs were very different the functionality of ordering the food was very similar.

The food was ordered easy enough with mistakes on both apps meaning we had to start again. The apps both look similar when selecting the pizza with Dominos taking the edge due to the pizza image being larger and the text slightly easier to read.

During the ordering process I used the menu to decide which pizzas I wanted and then went to the checkout and presented was presented with a cost of £38 for the pizzas at this stage, Helena on the other hand ordered from the deals menu after reaching the same problem and we both headed off to the cart.

Neither app added the 2 for Tuesdays Voucher Code nor did they intelligently suggest the discount which is bad kudos for both of them really, hopefully they aren’t assuming ignorance will gain them more profit in the short term!



This meant we had to reorder the pizza through the deals section. Which a second time round was quicker and although painless wasted precious minutes for both apps.

We were also hung up from VISA as my company card had not been used so the VISA verification page  came up and prevented Helena from going forward. I struggled as (take note VISA) the non mobile responsive version of their verification form came up and we couldn’t see the text once we had typed it into the fields, which caused Helena to error out and have to start again with another already established account and card, for Papa John’s. This took Helena a few minutes and now we are even.

What does this tell you? Both Apps are designed to not optimise on deals, both are simple to order with Dominos allowing more detail on the customisation and a more polished modern interface.

Dominos Wins!


The Wait

Dominos arrived a few minutes ago which is closer, as the crow flies but the fact that the dominos went through a few minutes earlier than the Papa John’s means it was only a few minutes earlier.

The guy also had to call and ask us where to go where as Papa John’s guy arrived, and headed straight towards the door. Although we prompted him out the window.

We think that it should go to Domino’s purely on the fact that what you want when you wait is not to have to wait and Domino’s simply got here first!

pizza (1)pizza (2)

Dominos Wins!


The Pizza

The pizzas were both hot, good start.

When laid side by side I couldn’t help but notice that the Dominos looked slightly over done, from the pictures I think you’ll agree, that said the proof is in the tasting so ignoring crust first we went and dug in. The outcome was that Papa John’s won, by 1 point.

We decided not to allow Dominos delicious Hot Dog stuffed crust sway our decisions as Papa John’s menu does not feature anything quite like it.  Papa John’s did however, surprise us with a an additional green chilli which I have never seen before (although I have been informed that they’re supposed to) and I am a big fan of chilli’s, however like the Hot Dog crust it would be unfair to compare.

We did a Pepperoni taste test on our office dominos fan boy and he couldn’t tell the difference so although a large debate went on and lots of score mongering was being thrown around to try and sway the scores, the proof in the tasting was Papa John’s win 21 to 20 out of a potential 25.

pizza (3)pizza (4)

Papa John’s Wins!


The Social Media

Come on we’re a digital agency! We of course want to judge there social media, we tweeted both parties to let them know what we were doing and not only did Dominos reply but they wished us a pleasant meal BEFORE the pizza arrived!

That’s how to do it. Responding to your clients quickly, accurately and positively. That’s why you have 100,000 followers Dominos (a tad more than Papa John’s 2,000+)

So hands down win to Dominos who beat Papa John’s on delivery twice today.

Dominos Wins!


The Conclusion

Well the taste test was inconclusive and problematic with the inconsistencies in Pizza Selections and too much debate in the office over what I consider nit picking differences in the quality and presentation. The fact is I ate 4 pieces of pizza for lunch instead of a boring sandwich!

Dominos Wins!