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Weekly Round Up

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This Week In The News

Apple Gets Pranked & It’s Pretty Glorious

We wonder if Microsoft had anything to do with these pranksters?

Instagram Introduce An Excellent New App – Layout


Instagram noticed that their users love to combine many photos into one post so to help them out Instagram has rolled out a new App called Layout. It allows users to easily combine multiple pictures into one and then post onto Instagram in one swift motion.

Developers Aren’t Happy With Facebook’s WhatsApp Announcement

Facebook WhatsApp

Developers want to get their hands on WhatsApp but Mark Zuckerberg simply will not let that happen. He believes that allowing third parties access might “inundate users with messages they don’t want.” Sounds pretty reasonable to us given what it’s done to Facebook. . .

UK MPs Being Forced Into The 21st Century


Every single one of those 650 hard working MPs of ours will be gifted with brand new Ipad Air 2s after the Election. Bet they want to win their seats even more now.

Tips & Training

Not Too Late To Book In & Find Out Why Our Helena Walsh Loves Social Media

Next Tuesday morning Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Women In Business Breakfast Briefing and our very own Social Media expert Helena Walsh will be there to talk about the many benefits of Social Media to business. It’s not too late to book in, you can either ring Mary Clements on 02085916966 or register your interest here.

5 Executive Tips To Speed Up Your G-mail

Spending too much time going through your E-mails? Check out these 5 great tips & cut time wasting significantly!

Favourite Youtube Video Of The Week

Sassy dog does not like being left alone in the car.

A Social Media Manager’s Perspective – The New Facebook

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A Social Media Manager’s Perspective

I wanted to write something to follow on from John’s blog about the new Facebook. Whilst John is able to write a blog post admiring the changes and the improvements of Facebook, he sees Facebook as a web designer. John thinks and breathes design and web design. It’s what he does. Whereas I think and breathe social media (amongst a few other things). So I would perhaps say that I see and use Facebook as most average users do. Here I hope to convey a humble Social Media Manager’s perspective on the ‘new’ Facebook page.

I joined Facebook in 2006, back when you had to have a university/college e-mail address to join and this latest version of Facebook made me think about its evolution. Anyone can join now and it’s an expectation that most people and businesses have it. Companies and brands use it to promote their products and the majority of adverts on TV and the internet will have a “find out more about us on Facebook” segment.

Facebook is still, in essence a social networking site.

And yet I think it is important to remember its origins. Facebook is still, in essence a social networking site. It’s where people talk to each other, reconnect and communicate. Nowadays, instead of picking up the phone, it’s much easier to ping out a Facebook message. It wouldn’t surprise me if people use Facebook for group messages more than e-mail – you may not have someone’s e-mail or even phone number, but you can have them as a friend on Facebook…

So as an active and regular user, I’m all too aware of the frustrations of logging onto see what your friends have been up to and instead feeling overwhelmed by, what can feel like constant adverts, plugging and promotions. Facebook has received very negative comments about its’ advertising, with some adverts now even being incorporated into your timeline so you have no way of ignoring or dismissing. When a page (such as a business might have) posts an update, it too will appear in your timeline. In some instances this is very welcome, if a post is interesting or entertaining I’m more than happy to read it, but it’s a very fine line between that and promoting a product which I’d rather not have pushed in my face.

it’s a very fine line between that and promoting a product which I’d rather not have pushed in my face.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, if you want to have a successful Facebook presence for your company, it’s important to remember why people log on in the first place. People use Facebook to see what their friends are up to, to talk to people, to update others about themselves, they log on for entertainment, essentially. So whilst it is useful that a company or a business has a facebook page to represent themselves, how they use it is crucial, as it has the potential for negative as well as positive repercussions. Think objectively, why will people like this page? Will people be interested in what I have to say? Will they be interested in what I have to say if they’ve never heard of my company before? You have to remember what else is appearing in people’s timelines and what your page is competing against – adverts, other companies, updates from friends and family… how do you stand out from all of that?

That’s where Nova comes in. We understand how facebook and its users work, and we can represent your company to play to these strengths. It’s not just about the sell or the pitch, it’s about so much more than that. We can help to promote your company and your brand so that people will look for what your page has to say in their newsfeed. We know how to make your company stand out amongst everything else. Talk to us today and hear our ideas, our first consultation is free. Come and visit our offices, we have tea and biscuits.