Top 5 Irish Inventions

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Top 5 Irish Inventions

In honour of St Patrick’s Day we thought someone should celebrate a few of Ireland’s top contributions to society. Thanks Ireland!

1. Chocolate Milk

Sir Hans Sloane

Yes we have the Emerald Isle to thank for this most delicious of drinks. Sir Hans Sloane discovered locals mixing cocoa with water in Jamaica, decided this was vile and so mixed it with milk. I for one will be forever thankful for this invention.

Sir Sloane also left his collection of artefacts to the nation establishing the foundation of the British Museum. Also impressive but we’re focusing on the chocolate milk.

2. Modern Chemistry

Modern Chemistry

Sir Robert Boyle from County Waterford is recognised as one of the founders of modern chemistry with his book The Sceptical Chymist. He is also well known for Boyle’s Law which has something to do with Gas. . .

3. The Modern Tank

The Modern Tank

The invention that changed warfare forever, the modern tank, was co-invented by Major Walter Gordon Wilson from Dublin after Sir Winston Churchill issued an all points bulletin for it’s creation.

4. Colour Photography

Colour Photography

Creating colour photographs required the help of Irish born John Joly inventing something now called the Joly Colour Process. Imagine a life where the vibrant green of your kale salad couldn’t be seen on instagram? It just doesn’t bare thinking about.

5. Whiskey


Guiness may be Ireland’s most famous contribution to alcohol but did you know that the first written reference to Whiskey is from Ireland as far back as 1405. It references a Chieftain who dies from drinking too much at Christmas.

Do you know of any other Irish inventions?

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